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B2B lead generation agency for India Market. Free up your calendar for the appointments we'll schedule using industry-proven expertise and a
result-first approach for India and APAC.

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About Invest In India

We are a leading demand generation and lead generation company operating across India, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific – we specialize in driving targeted leads and boosting sales for businesses of all sizes.
We have more than 8 years of experience in Customer Acquisition & Sales Enablement as 760 Organizations have trusted Saleswater to drive sales engagement with qualified leads for India, GCC and APAC Market
  • Whether you're aiming to expand your reach globally or dominate a local market, we've got you covered using our market expansion techniques.
  • With the power of analytics and market insights, identify the most lucrative opportunities to deliver tangible results
  • Partner with us and experience the scalability with transparent reporting and continuous optimization to maximize your ROI and exceed your growth expectations.

What We Do

If you are looking for top talent, your next miraculous job possibility, or consulting resolution for driving your business and resourcing challenges, we are here to help.
National recruitment outsourcing and investment facilitation agency of India across 30+ Industries of USA, Europe, UAE & AsiaPacific & Australia.

Four Problems We Solve

Lack Of Leads

Lack of leads, wasting efforts on bad fit leads with too long sales processes

Traditional Approaches Of Sales

Companies rely on traditional approaches like cold calling and ads or time spent on non-valuable sales tasks. The sales team should spend more time attending to the leads.

Absence of RevOps mechanism

Silos between sales, marketing and customer success result in bad sales processes.

KPI and governance

By setting specific, measurable targets, sales professionals can assess their progress and identify areas for improvement backed by analytics.

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How Do We Do It

Invest-in-India builds highly targeted campaigns to help you close target accounts. We’ll penetrate your top-tier companies by finding multiple contacts across each department at key accounts. Our Orchestrated Outbound combines targeted research and multi-channel outreach to create sales opportunities.

Featured Work


Finance and Accounting Services: Equity research and back-office services

Client: Portfolio Management Firm – MA
Challenge: Extensive and time consuming backtesting
Result: Cuts in staff and related expenses and faster turnaround time

Research and Analysis Services: A top US law firm received market research service

Client: US based law firm
Challenge: Help analyze privacy and security risks associated with voicecontrolled digital assistants by conducting a careful analysis of both sides of the story.
Result: Placed a team of 2 research analysts and an SME to handle this project. Deployed various research tools to validate the data collected. We provided an exhaustive report on each category with citations, references and studies, and delivered the required information in a presentable.

Software Develpment: Web analytics services for a digital agency

Client: Acclaimed digital agency from top 10 in the world.
Challenge: Besides providing regular insight about their client’s websites, the web analytics team of the customer also made recommendations about how to maximize the websites and marketing activities.
Result: Data collection | Data QA & QC. Clean data set preparation & analysis.

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